Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wardrobe for the Wasteland

Dimitri Zaitsev is an incredibly talented costumer who specializes in creating distinctive post-apocalyptic outfits.  Given the upcoming release of "Fallout 4" I expect we're going to see an explosion in wasteland cosplay, and it's hard to go wrong using Mr. Zaitsev as inspiration.

What makes him even more notable is his willingness to share all of his techniques.  His YouTube channel is filled with demonstrations of color design, texture layering, extreme cloth distressing, grunging, and more.  His how-to's will give even a beginning costumer a head start on producing some great work.


bea said...

Personally I'd expect to see allot more "wasteland cosplay" due to Fury Road's triumphant return of Mad Max. Gonna see allot of war boys at Cons this year I'm thinking.

CoastConFan said...

The movie The Road Warrior/Mad Max 2 (1981) really set the tone for post-apocalypse fashion. A Boy and His Dog (1975) had its moments too – too bad they couldn’t have used much of the novella, but it was ’75 after all. Of course Escape from New York (1981) is a must see, but its more about the sets than the costumes. Yeah, high fashion postapocalypse costuming has been around, but never more so than now and it’s about time too. With the Fallout series, Bunker Chic is back to stay. OK, so that was said tongue-in-cheek.

bea said...

The key to any post-apocalypse look is re-purposed items. Odd bits of military/sportsman/law enforcement/construction/athletic gear is a must for the individual. There is no more production so only the "found item" is available. Only those mobile enough to scavange, brutal enough to pillage would survive.