Monday, July 27, 2015

Making Antlers

Jolien-Rosanne brings us a detailed tutorial on creating antlers using expanding spray foam.  Just the thing if you're planning to join the Wild Hunt, or embrace the Wendigo from "Hannibal".


CoastConFan said...

Another source of deer antlers are shed antlers found in the woods. But the downside is that shed antlers they are often found dried out and sun bleached. The other problem is that you seldom find the mate to the single shed if you want a matched pair. One source of antler pairs are old head mounts found at a flea market. Deteriorated old mounts go for just a few dollars.

You can revitalize bleached antlers to a more natural color with a simple product: Old English Scratch Cover for dark wood. The secret ingredient is walnut oil, so wear gloves as it will stain your hands and your clothes. You just apply the Old English onto the dried out shed deer antlers and let it dry for a few days. Wipe off the excess and the color will be close to the original. If you want them to shine, you can apply Natchez Solution, which is a mix of bees wax in a mineral oil solution. Then again automobile paste wax does well also. These furniture care products make some good effects as antlers are absorbent.

Anonymous said...

Question for you I tried doing my own thing based off of several tutorials. I made my wire form so that it included a headband and then wrapped tin foil around it to give it more surface to stick to but the foam was heavy enough to bend my frame and dripped off the surface. I lost most of it on the crash pad I made. :/ Are there non-stick surfaces for spray foam? I was using loctite I don't know if brand has anything to do with it.