Monday, July 13, 2015

The Claw

Professional gaff artist Takeshi Yamada brings us this giant prehistoric crab claw.  The piece measures just under 18" across.  I'd love to see the reactions when people discover this thing washed up on a beach.


CoastConFan said...

Eighteen inch claws, now that’s some good eating, but getting them out of the crab trap might be a little dangerous. That reminds me of another giant claw, one from a movie called … ahem … The Giant Claw (1957), which was actually was attached to a giant bird – go figure. With this huge crab claw I expect to see a film called, Invasion of the Giant Fiddler Crabs, or somesuch. The only other really great giant crab in a movie was in Disney’s Mysterious Island (1961), which did feature a giant crab boil, yum, yum.

You can check out this fan-made movie, The Grant Brine Shrimp (1972) – no kidding, that’s the name, I heard about it in the mid 70s, but until Youtube, never got to see this rare item.

Giant Claw
Youtube, full movie The Giant Claw
Youtube Giant Brine Shrimp Pt 1
Youtube Giant Brine Shrimp Pt 2
Youtube Giant Brine Shrimp Pt 3

chessa said...

also Ebirah, the kaiju from Godzilla.He was a giant crab /lobster creature