Sunday, July 12, 2015

Arkham Library Bookmark

A handy bookmark from the Arkham Public Library, circa 1926.  Just the thing to hold your place when you're perusing a forbidden tome.  The first version is clean, the second has edge wear and color mottling appropriate for a period printed item. Just right click and "Open Link in New Tab" to download the full-sized versions, print on cardstock, and trim to size.


CoastConFan said...

Very nice. Plus it makes a great prop for a RPG or LARP by putting a clue written on the back of the book mark.

Here’s a link to a short history of bookmarks – they’re older than you think.

A site giving a list of sites with bookmarks of all kinds and from many nations. You can mine this site for tons of examples

Propnomicon said...

@ CoastConFan

Thank you for the kind words, and the links. I'm amazed at some of the cool supplemental material you're able to dig up.

Alysson Rowan said...

Brilliant prop - and also a fun item to have and to use for the heck of it.

My local library used to have a big stack of these (printed with the appropriate information) on the desk in an attempt to stop people using inappropriate bookmarks. I remember the comments about lettuce leaves, live matches and cigarettes being left in returned books. I've often found paper-clips attached to books that I have borrowed.

Of course, modern libraries can't afford such frivolities (indeed, some libraries can't even afford books!)