Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Cosmic Cube

"ShinobiHime302" brings us this quick and easy tutorial for recreating the Cosmic Cube from "The Avengers".

This is one of those basic ideas that can be developed in all kinds of cool ways. Craft and dollar stores are filled with all kinds of interesting clear plastic objects that would make amazing props when they're internally illuminated. One of my go-to items for detailing alien technology and occult artifacts are the cheap little 3-D puzzles in the discount toy section. The clear ones are ready made for a project like this. The puzzles made from opaque plastic each yield up to a dozen precision molded geometric shapes that are ideal for recreating something like the cubes from "Super 8" or the internal workings of a Hellraiser puzzle. That's how I put together this alien artifact for a friend's Halloween party in about two hours.

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Artsnark said...

cool. My kid will have fun with this idea - thanks