Sunday, May 6, 2012

Frozen Alien Embryo

Adrian Kleinbergen brings us this alien embryo in a cryotube. It features a functioning closure mechanism and rotating mount for the embryo inside the tube. Quite a nice piece of work.

This is a plastic and polymer clay sculpture that was originally meant to be the protoype of a resin model kit but lack of funds ended the project. I then assembled and finished the components into the result you see here. The embryo is about four inches tall and the cylinder measures about 13 inches when sealed. I eventually found a use for it as a cover illustration for a local SF anthology magazine.


Phil said...

Right out of a sci-fi movie.I love the detail on this piece. Well done!

My only nit-pick is wondering how the embryo would stay in place. Unless its fossilized, or the retraints pierce the skin, wouldn't the little beastie tend to slip out of the clamps?

Adrian Kleinbergen said...

It is meant to be frozen as it is stored in liquid nitrogen.