Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Russian Specimen

From Gleb Trzhemetskogo comes this intriguing preserved specimen. My apologies to the artist if his name is badly mangled. This is the first Russian site I've linked to, and I wish Google Translate did a better job of rendering the text. Then again, getting the gist of another tongue with the click of a button is still pretty amazing.


mimeflayer said...

He also has .pdf files for some really nice runes in a 3D paper fold up. and on that .pdf he gives his name as Gleb Trzhemetskiy
Great find, with more sub-pages to look through!

DrPnakotic said...

Глеб Тржемецкий, translated directly into their closest english characters would look something like "Gleb Trjemetskiy" probably however it is probably said more like "Glep Trzhemetskii" however for some there is no strict equivalent. I really have no idea where the translator got "Kogo" at the end of his name from.

Gleb said...

"Kogo" at the end means genitive case. Thank you for visiting my humble site! I'm working on making it more accessible.