Friday, November 25, 2011

Dragon Tooth Scrimshaw

Caerban brings us this example of scrimshaw inscribed on a dragon's tooth. If you thought harpooning whales was hard...


RahneFan said...

Doggone that looks like the real tooth of an actual thing.

Pretty much everything you share is impressive to the point of being mystifying.

Alex Kaeda said...

I'm going to second the statement "Pretty much everything you share is impressive to the point of being mystifying."

Looking at this, I could see it being the focal point of some shamans power necklace, or the pommel of either some deviant Hyperborean high priests sacrificial blade, or the pommel of a Hyperborean berzerker kings inhumanly gigantic sword.

Markus B├╝hler said...

I really like the idea of scrimshaw on a dragon´s tooth, that´s something I have to try too anytime. The only thing which looks a bit strange is the shape of the root. Most modern reptiles have teeth without any roots, whereas crocodiles and many prehistoric reptiles like dinosaurs, plesiosaurs and some other ones have or had teeth with roots. In any way, they look different from this dragon tooth. It´s actually not that easy at all to find good reference photos for the anatomy of reptile or fish teeth.
One thing I would have made different too, is the style of the engraving, it looks too much comic-like, a more medieval style or something more resembling the old scrimshaw on whale teeth could have looked better.
But this are only my personal thoughts, and I still find the idea great, and I also like very much the colouration of the tooth, which comes very close to real reptile teeth.