Friday, November 18, 2011

The Elder Signs

When you're fighting the Mythos it's always a good idea to have an Elder Sign handy. Thankfully, Alv Rehnberg is ready to help with both the Lovecraft and Derleth versions.


CoastConFan said...

I have always held that the tree shape Elder Sign is a glyph that represents a branch of horrible coral-like growth from some unspeakable corner of the universe. It is a living coral colony of pustule cell creatures that lurk inside their homes to lash out with poisonous tendrils to capture prey. The star shape Elder Sign is just a representation of the same branch of coral from the top, which just happens to have a vague star shape. It could also represent the maw of one the polyp creatures. It may not be canon, but it makes sense. Look up coral on Wikipedia sometime and imagine a planet covered with such lovelies, but gigantic and sentient. Can’t you just feel the love.

Propnomicon said...

@ CoastConFan

Speculation like this is one of the reason's I love Mythos fandom. Heh.

My own meta-theory is that both Elder Signs are two dimensional representations of the same n-dimensional glyph. They're just looking at it from different frames of reference.

Unknown said...

I think these creations are wonderfull, just what you need to protect you when the time is coming for the awakening of chtulhu. Keep up thr god work.

Alv said...

Oh, I just realised that my own jewelry was here! Thank you very much! :D

I have better pictures of them here too.

Kultisten said...

Who needs protection? My plan is to get rid of all the pretty elder sign when the stars are right. =)