Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fossil Dragon

Some day the narrow minded keepers of paleontology will finally admit the history of our planet is far different than the mundane orthodoxy they endorse. Current theory simply can't account for things like this fossil dragon excavated by Josh Hughes.


CoastConFan said...

These things are great! Cryptozoology has always been a lot of fun and an unending font of hoaxes but sometimes it becomes a bit more obtuse. For example:

Meet the ancestors: Earliest evidence of life suggests humans descended from sponges 635 million years ago

Scientists find sea sponges share human genes

But the semi-hoax bubble pops: No Sponge In Human Family Tree: Sponges Descended from Unique Ancestor

The semi-literate and unscientific press loves to jump to conclusions and swallow the bait whole for the sake of a headline. The archeology world is also pummeled with such nonsense. Besides everybody knows that life on this planet evolved from debris left behind from a Cthonian picnic some 3 billion years ago!

Anonymous said...

Handsome creature! Makes me wish I had one... I'd name him Phydeaux and feed him Jehovah's Witnesses, and let him sleep where ever he wanted!