Thursday, October 6, 2022

The Bracers of Bodvar Bjarki

"Bodvar Bjarki followed the Berserkrgang (way of the Bear shirt) and was one of the greatest Berserker warriors of King Rholf Kraki. The exploits of Bodvar Bjarki are noted in the saga of Rholf Kraki, being part of the Skjoldunga saga which pre-dates the fall of the Roman Empire. It is said that, in the Kings final battle, Bodvar was absent from the field for a great deal of the time. Just as all seemed lost, a great bear appeared and tore into the enemy ranks slaying men and horses as it went. When one of the kings men found Bodvar in his tent in a meditative state he roused him. As soon as his eyes opened the bear disappeared."

 The talented James Ewing returns to our pages with the Bracers of Bodvar Bjarki.  


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