Monday, January 31, 2022

Traveller Semiotic Standard

Ron Cobb's design work for the movie "Alien" has shaped the look of science fiction ever since.   Part of his legacy is the "Semiotic Standard", a visual standard for starship signage.  Joe Blogs has a good introduction.

This is my expansion of the standard, tailored for use in the Traveller tabletop RPG.  The "Jump Drive" glyph may look a little familiar.  Heh.



Unknown said...

It goes without saying for anyone who is aware of the film, but Underwater is heavily inspired by Alien, down to the Semiotic Standard on the screens in the control room!

Propnomicon said...


I never actually noticed that!

Blaarp said...

I thoroughly enjoyed Underwater because Kristen Stewart is an amazing actress (she's the only American to receive a Cezar award, Meryl Streep got an honorary one, so that doesn't really count)

Plus I find her very attractive.