Thursday, January 13, 2022

Open Source Cthulhu Gaming

As the Creative Commons license down at the bottom of the page demonstrates, I've been a supporter of the open source concept since the start of this blog.  That's why I was intrigued by Dean Adelaide's update on the "Apocthulhu" open ruleset for tabletop Mythos gaming. Dean is no stranger to these pages, having created some fantastic paper props for tabletop use.  His post covers some of the frequently asked questions about the ruleset and includes an announcement about a new SRD, the first in a series dedicated to customizing the basic game engine to a variety of eras.


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knobgobbler said...

That is exciting!
I bought Apocthulhu specifically to throw support behind their move to make an OGL CoC (vs. Chaosium's gimped SRD).
I look forward to seeing what Cthulhu Eternal breeds into the world.