Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Goddess

Masks Mastery returns to our pages with this pagan goddess idol.


bea said...

THAT is VERY well done.

CoastConFan said...

It’s a wonderfully ambiguous figure with a cryptic faceless face framing large lidded, nearly closed eyes. The long serpentine neck allows the face to float above the torso and the hands cradle a ritual object that might be a drinking horn or a terrible, huge claw. It’s really up to the viewer to guess. The crackling hints to me of snake scales, maybe it’s because of the overall effect of the face and long neck. The squared off lower section give the whole figure a feeling of being a caryatid or herm in form. Could this be a miniature, taken from a shrine, of a much larger statue? Only further exploration will determine that. The overall aspect works very well and would allow for a number of attributions for CoC scenarios.

иван Науменко said...

Hi fromm MM ) Its our new work series with History museum critics from our country.
this Statue -
Mokoš (Old Russian Мокошь) is a Slavic goddess mentioned in the Primary Chronicle, protector of women's work and women's destiny. She watches over spinning and weaving, shearing of sheep,[citation needed] and protects women in child birth. Mokosh is the Great Mother, Mat Zemlya.
Mokoš was the only female deity whose idol was erected by Vladimir the Great in his Kiev sanctuary along with statues of other major gods (Perun, Hors, Dažbog, Stribog, and Simargl).