Sunday, April 2, 2017

Cthulhu Plaque

Long before the current explosion in Lovecraftiana Stephen Hickman sculpted an amazing Cthulhu idol that was available from Bowen Designs.  It's now become a highly sought after piece and remains one of the best depictions.

That's what makes this piece so unusual.  It's flagged on Pinterest as a Cthulhu plaque sculpted by Hickman.  Oddly enough, this is the only mention of the plaque I can find.  Google doesn't come up with anything else, at least in the first hundred listings, and Mr. Hickman's own site doesn't have any information on it either.  I suspect it's been mis-attributed, but would welcome correction from anyone with more information.


Don Simpson said...

It certainly looks like his style. It also looks like an unfired clay model for making a mold. Mysterious.

Lex Black said...

That's a lovely sculpt, but I really have to mention the chuckle I got over your description in the listing--it sounds like the setup for a Mythos story. "I came across a plaque depicting a horrendous, alien being, one having only one historical listing I could find, and no attribution to it even on the website of the supposed creator. Little did I know what horrors I would unveil in my quest to discover its true origin..."

Love your site, by the way. Thanks for working so hard to share these things with us all!

CoastConFan said...

Hickman's model, perhaps?