Saturday, February 4, 2017


I'm tweaking the layout of the blog a bit.  It's a much overdue change given that the original template dates back nearly ten years.  You know, back when widescreen HD monitors were around $1200?  Now that even my phone can handle high resolution images it's probably time to update things.

I've tested the wider layout on multiple monitors and two smartphones without any problems, but if you encounter any issues please leave a comment.   Blogger's automatic resizing seems to be up to the task, but you never know.

Update:  Now that I've had some time to actually use it I'm not sure opening up the width is what I want.  While it allows for larger pictures it also makes reading text more difficult on widescreen monitors.  

Update, Part Deux:  I think this is the sweet spot.  I'm much happier with how much room I have for pictures, while the line length is short enough that the eye doesn't drift too much.


Anonymous said...

The horror, the horror!

Looks fine :)

bea said...

Hell, *snaz up* the website why not? I mean I've been shouting you out for years as THE "H.P. Lovecraft site and a whole lot more!" I ALWAYS use your MISKATONIC logo and ALWAYS give credit and props. Your site is important to me, it gave me my START. And hell, hanging some curtains and "dressing up the site" may BE in order. I'll give you every "First unveiling" as long as I "do this". Deal? But yeah, give the site the treatment it DESERVES.

Unknown said...

Love the new design - it's a lot easier to see details in the pictures without having to click an extra time, and the text is still readable. Thanks!