Saturday, February 4, 2017

Drink Up!

Ulfhednar Workshop brings us this excellent dwarven tankard hand forged from copper and adorned with a dwarven figure carved from elk horn. 

As gorgeous as this piece is I'm not sure if it's actually safe to use.  I was under the impression that copper wasn't food safe unless the vessel was lined with a non-reactive material like tin, stainless steel, or pitch.  Back in the olden days when metal shop classes were a thing we had to line anything intended for food with a layer of melted brewers pitch.  Then again, given how many bongs kids tried to fabricate that might have been an anti-stoner measure.  One draw off of burning pitch and you would have sworn off the devils weed forever.  Heh.


Jupiter said...

I'm not sure either, but you couldn't cook with it and you wouldn't want to drink anything acidic from it, since it could react and produce copper salts. It might be okay for cold water? Copper is funny. I would probably stick to admiring the cup for its craftsmanship. It's really beautiful.

Tony Raven said...

Should be safe - copper pipes in plumbing?

Anonymous said...

Should be safe - copper pipes in plumbing!

jh said...

Using copper with acidic foods can lead to copper toxicity because the way copper reacts with any acids.

With base (alkaline?) foods there is no reactivity, but I still wouldn't risk it.