Monday, February 13, 2017

The LeMonte Object

The curious case of Don LeMonte has baffled scientists for decades. Brogan Paul Johnson was lucky enough to gain access to the case archives, including the mysterious LeMonte Object itself.
After a minor surgery to remove the inclusion they discovered a small object that was just under three inches in length and that appeared to contain some sort of mercury type liquid. The liquid seemed to "bubble" when in close proximity to Mr. LeMonte. Immediately after the surgery LeMonte thanked the doctors and told them he could no more hear the voice of Simon from behind his eyes. Within a few weeks LeMonte was deemed Cured and released to the public to live a normal life. The LeMonte object is still unexplained and sits in the institutes possession for medical and scientific study. Although it remains within an incorruptible sealed container the LeMonte object is continually deteriorating at a rapid rate, more quickly than they can try and understand it. The case of Don LeMonte is still unsolved today.

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CoastConFan said...

That’s an interesting prop, even more so with the well-restrained background story. Given the number of schizophrenics (or just plain nuts) who put the blame on voices, it would be refreshing to find a tangible source for these manifestations outside their skulls. Of course this artifact puts us on “alien implant” ground, which is just about a shaky quagmire of cause and effect. In the past 50 years, there’s been a steady stream of “alien implant” complainers and their brethren, the “probers”, but let’s not go there. As we are beginning to implant chips into people more commonly, this may begin to fall into a more mundane category eventually.

But there’s another source of voices that is interesting and may even play into the Mythos yet: electrophonic hearing.

There’s also some interesting anecdotal evidence about people claiming to receiving radio stations through biological means. It’s really quite fascinating and and

There’s a story I recall that talks about biting down on a barbed wire fence and receiving radio broadcasts. It was in one of the books of The Border Trilogy, by Cormac Macarthy from All the Pretty Horses perhaps. Despite being considered an urban myth, receiving radio broadcasts via you mouth is enduring.

It then again just might be “earworms” be sure to read some of the responses and comments at the end of that article.

We can also consider Musical Ear Syndrome as well. and