Friday, April 8, 2016

Thirteen Ghosts Black Zodiac

Juan Carlos Porcel of Elder Props has really outdone himself.  Not only has he recreated every single page from the "Black Zodiac" from the film "Thirteen Ghosts", but he's also digitized the handwritten characters as a font and compiled the complete ghost glyph set.  You'll find everything conveniently collected on his download page. That's an incredible amount of work and Mr. Porcel deserves high praise for sharing it.


Juan Carlos Porcel said...

Many thanks for sharing! As always, this site is an endless source of inspiration.

Plague said...

this is great stuff

Propnomicon said...

@ Juan Carlos Porcel

The pleasure is all mine. Your willingness to share your work, both the Black Zodiac and the Necronomicon elements, is extremely generous.

@ Plague

Indeed it is.

Jarons20 said...

@ Juan Carlos Porcel
I love the lore for that movie and the designs for the pages, great job recreating them and the font by itself

Anonymous said...

Thanks men, many years want this