Thursday, April 14, 2016

Dem Bones

Ghoul Friday has an excellent tutorial on turning an off the shelf Halloween skeleton into a realistic rotted corpse.  They guide uses the heat gun and plastic wrap technique and includes detailed looks at each step of the process.  Part One of the tutorial covers the physical prep of the skeleton, while Part Two is the final finishing process.


asmarteru said...

Ghoul Friday does some fantastic work. Glad you found her and decided to feature one of her how-to's. This project has been done by several people but I like all the additional details and steps she takes to go beyond some others. I also have a few of her art pieces.

Phil said...

I love this technique. I used one very similar when doing my Feegee mermaid. People always seem amazed when I say it was made with saran wrap and a heat gun. :)

But what I've discovered is that just about any material can be made to look convincing with enough paint, washes and drybrushing.