Friday, February 12, 2016

Mythos Travel Trunk

Joe Givan had a problem- some ugly pipes occupying a corner of his basement.  Luckily, he had a stylish solution for covering them up.  This Lovecraft Country themed travel trunk uses over a dozen Mythos-inspired luggage labels including a few of my own humble offerings. 


Raven said...

Well, any curious intruder who would dare open that trunk in search of valuable loot... will at least get an unpleasant surprise, but not one ***quite*** as unpleasant, or as surprising, as a container with such labels should by rights contain.

Anonymous said...

They have a gift shop at the Mountains of Madness now? They've really gone commercial :)

I love vintage luggage labels like that. I made a simple one for the "Orange Hotel" from 'Winged Death.' Super-popular story, right, everybody knows that one?


Joe Givan said...

Raven - you might be surprised about the "surprise within. I'm afraid to open it, but the movement and sounds that emanate from the thing lead me to believe it has at least a hint of what "should by rights contain".

Raven said...

Joe: Yes, the pipes in some of the places I've lived have gurgled and groaned and rattled in rather disturbing ways, too.

I have to wonder how many exorcists, demonologists, and other occult problem-solvers have been summoned to deal with what turned out to be... noisy pipes.

Sombrefeline said...

This is great ! Where can I find this?