Sunday, February 21, 2016

Morrow Project CBR Kit

I love obscure prop projects.  I'm always impressed by the passion that goes into making physical  items drawn from movies, books, or games outside of the mainstream media universe.  There are thousands of lightsabers, both mass produced and custom made, in the world.  But there's only one copy of Doc Savage's machine pistol.  Or this set of gear from Niven's "Ringworld" stories.  And how many people would spend hours creating Honor Harrington's favorite adult beverage?

Mike the Mic Guy brings us another entry into that distinguished company- a CBR (Chemical, Biological, Radiological) scanner from "The Morrow Project" RPG.   The game was a late 70s entry  into the market that had a grittier, more realistic take on life after the apocalypse.  It eschewed the goofiness of "Gamma World" and obsessive rules-making of "Aftermath!", but never quite caught on.  Ironically, the same realistic approach would turn out to be a huge success a few years down the line for "Twilight 2000".

The device itself is a very high end recreation featuring 3D printed parts,  lights, and a custom programmed Arduino control chip.  The full build log, complete with control program, is here.  Follow up posts, with some nice tableau shots, are here and here.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those look great! And vacuum fluorescent displays, you don't see those a lot. That gives it a unique look.

BTW, I wanted to tell you that your link to the paper clay base recipe in the 'Faux Stone Tablet" post is gone. Perhaps that's deserving of a new, standalone post with your customized recipe?