Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hail to the King

Mike Jenkins spotted this gem in the New York Public Library's digital collection- the original poster for Robert W. Chamber's "The King in Yellow".  It's available as a ludicrously high resolution download.


Anonymous said...

A little more info: I _think_ this item (at the NYPL) is a cut-down promo poster using Chambers' own dustjacket art for the book. You can see Chambers' signature on the right side of the art, in the 'white mountains' near where the wing ends. IDK if Chambers did the lettering himself. He might have. On the DJ art, below the figure is the publisher's name. That area is suspiciously missing from this image. Additionally, in the lower left corner of the art, you can see the name Kurtz, presumably the guy who did the color separations for the printing.

CrawlingChaos said...

I never noticed the bells on his hood before. Kind of like a jester's hat, only with cup-shaped bells instead of the spherical jingle type.