Friday, April 11, 2014

Quick and Dirty Wax Seals

 It's a bit disappointing that wax seals faded away from daily life as we entered the modern era.  Watermarks and impressed seals perform the same function, but there's something about a blob of wax carrying an official seal that instantly added gravitas to a document.  I think part of what makes them so cool is the ritualized way they're applied.  Lighting the candle, laying out the paper and weighting it down, melting the's almost ceremonial.

So what do you do if  you want a wax seal for a prop document, but don't have all the accoutrements at hand?  Liz Gubernatis provides a possible answer with this tutorial on using buttons to make expedient seals.  I'm inordinately amused that an article designed for high-achieving brides is applicable to making props.

"The flatter your button, the easier it is to get a good imprint in the wax. Rounded buttons will work, but may require more wax or a finessed impression technique to see the whole image. Raid your local button jar, garage sales, or thrift shops for buttons with fabulous imagery, or if you're looking for something specific, try local yarn and quilt shops for a wide selection of awesome finds."

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Don Simpson said...

If you had a good mold release, you could press your epoxy onto the button to get a negative shape, then use the epoxy to impress the wax. This works with some epoxies (I'd try one of the metal-filled industrial patching mixes), but maybe not all of them.