Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Heavy Weather

Sebastian Baer was kind enough to send over a link to this great video featuring Adam Savage from Mythbusters. It's a detailed look at the weathering process for a prop equipment case from NASA. Mr. Savage started his career as a professional model and prop maker and has some great advice. The only thing I don't like is using coffee as an aging medium, but that's a personal quirk. I just can't stand the smell of the stale coffee.


Anonymous said...

A better aging medium than coffee is iodine, the stuff that moms used to put on your cuts that burned like hell.It can be used straight or diluted with water and it is 'acid free' in case you're the type that worries about that kind of thing.Spattered with a brush it does a good job of foxing paper. Just make sure that it is NOT the kind that's cut with ammonia, worthless and stinks a hundred times worse than coffee.

Rippman said...

Loved it! I can't imagine how I could have overlooked this "One Day Build" series.

YouTube suggested additional videos in the series and I really enjoyed the one on his build of a gun case from the Blade Runner movie. Again, his emphasis on "telling a story" through the labels, details and included prop documents and accessories takes the finished prop beyond being "just a gun case."


Ministry Minion said...

Not a fan of coffee either, because of the smell.
It looks good, and as long as the prop cannot be smelled, it can work, but I wouldn't want it on a tome with which people are meant to interact.

Tea may not give the same warm colour, but it has the advantage of not leaving a smell behind.