Friday, November 30, 2012

The Hidden History

Artist Rick Sardinha brings us yet more proof that the true history of our world is being hidden from us. How else to explain this flying amphibian that modern "science" denies?


Schlitzie said...

Very awesome,and they're for sale!

Mystic Scholar said...

That's easy! Prehistoric man used that gizmo in Jurassic Park III to create this pseudo-fosil and then buried it in the sand so that we could find it . . . a million years later!

Now THAT's what I call -- forgotten technology! Most have been the folks from Atlantis. ;)

Phil said...

I so need to try this.

Markus said...

There is a flying frog at "The World of Kong", a book about the wildlife of Skull Island based on Peter Jackson´s Movie. It features all animals seen in the movie, but also lots more, a whole ecosystem down to a lot of insects, arthropods and invertebrates.
But in evolutionary terms, it would be actually more probable that a real flying frog wouldn´t have pterosaur-like wings with a single elongated finger, but more likely more batlike wings, as there is already a lineage of frogs which evolved gliding wings: