Monday, October 1, 2012

Cthulhu Fhtagn! Bolton Edition.

Artist Colin "Wily" Bolton brings us this stylized Cthulhu idol and accompanying materials.

"In the early 1900s an explorer by the name of Colonel Percy Fawcett was well known for seeking strange places. During the Colonel’s last voyage to America he packaged this idol into a box and addressed it to Doctor Schneider at the University of Vermont. A Western Union telegram was sent first, followed by the box. Unfortunately Col. Fawcett never returned from his trip while searching for the Lost City of Z, and so this box sat unopened in a safety deposit box at the Bank of America.

Until now."


CoastConFan said...

What a magnificent built and with all that great supporting data. The modern FedEx box with the note just completes the whole package. I think basalt colored figure would be pretty good too. The whole thing has a Mesoamerican look, but the basalt would look more Mideastern, Bronze Age or earlier, such as a Cycladic idol.

The effect comes off perfectly. BTW if you want to simulate the dust of age, a bit of it from a vacuum cleaners dusted over the box and into crevices really works well.

Jason McKittrick said...

I think the best part of this project are the peripherals themselves. The Cunard crate is a wonderful touch and the stamps with Lovecraft's portrait are nice too.

Anonymous said...

Dust is a great idea, and I'll be sure to add some next time.

Thanks for the compliments!

-Colin Wily Bolton

Alex Kaeda said...

Thats awesome. Very inspirational. I wonder how much inspiration Mr Bolton received from the opening scene of Raiders of the Lost Ark?

ahtzib said...

This is a nice design. The prop and story element is great, but it is the design I really like here.

CoastConFan said...

Belloq: Again we see there is nothing you can possess, which I cannot take away, Colonel Fawcett.

Fawcett: Well the joke is on you, I shipped it already. It's in safe hands.


Close up of telegraph message to Dr Schneider