Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Sculptor Delayne Corbett brings us this wonderful piece. He didn't intend any Mythos connection, but this is exactly the kind of flowing, semi-organic style I see the Deep Ones using. I always feel a bit guilty posting serious art like this because the artist intended it to be appreciated on its own terms. That said, the stylistic elements, from the call-backs to the art of the South Pacific to the asymmetrical form, make it an ideal representation of Deep One aesthetics.


CoastConFan said...

I really like that piece. It is a really striking sculpture that is both alien and familiar at the same time. I just finished a book on the Chavin culture and was surprised to find how complex this “primitive” art really was. Early people could produce symbolist pieces as layered and interrelational as anything modern people produce. Corbett has broken through representational, gone beyond abstract and is a step further down the road than most sculptors.

Mystic Scholar said...

Another excellent piece. I cannot help but agree with your assessment of this one.

As you said, no offense to the artist, but it fits in with the mythos perfectly.

Thanks for sharing.