Monday, June 13, 2011

The Fallen

It appears that Christian Matzke's Propping Up the Mythos is no more.

The site hadn't been updated in quite some time, but it was such an immense and useful repository of propmaking information that I just took for granted that it would be around forever. Mr. Matzke's work was one of the direct inspirations for my own humble efforts and the first place I received any kind of exposure. I'm genuinely saddened that it's gone.

If anyone has further information about the site's disappearance, or contact info for Mr. Matzke, I would appreciate if you dropped me an email.

Update: Many thanks to the commenters that pointed out the site has been archived by the Wayback Machine.


Anonymous said...

All is not lost, here's the last imprint at

Alex Kaeda said...

Sad day. :(

Now I'm kicking myself for not doing the copy-pasta thing into a word doc for offline reference.

I wonder if anyones mirrored it? Or if that old-page web page has it archived?

Anonymous said...

You can use the Wayback Machine, If you go here:

It's still there but just no updates.

Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

That's so sad. That was the first mythos prop site I looked at when I started building larp props. I'm going to miss them.

CoastConFan said...

@Propnomicon: Christian Matzke is mentioned as a GoH at a convention, PortConMaine, Jun 23-26 2011

Also try RPGnet

This website indicated that Christian Matzke lives in Portland Maine,

I don't play an investigator in CoC fer nuttin.

Nick Storm said...

Not too worry - "million favoured ones" !

Due to this very posting, I re-contacted Christian (having met personally at the last NecronomiCON circa 2001) and we will have Propping Up the Mythos (PUTM) back Up as soon as we can whip our cultists into getting all the coding done.

Big things are in store....
~Nick S.