Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Necronomicon

Jason McKittrick brings us this nicely done copy of the Necronomicon. This is another one of the props he produced for the off-broadway production of "The Hound".

If you like it, the prop just happens to be available on Ebay.


elmo iscariot said...

Is the cover graphic one of the symbols from the Tyson Necronomicon?


Phil said...

Really nicely done.

Have you ever wondered how many pages there are in the Necronomicon? Is it a thin 100 page volume, or a big dictionary sized tome?

Alex Kaeda said...

I've always envisioned the Necronomicon as being similar to the dusty old old testament heavy bible that my grandparents had in their house when I was a kid.

Except, filled with darkness. Not like a Satanic Bible and manufactured evil . . . . . just filled with the darkness of reality.

Like, I never really think of Mythos creatures/gods as being good or evil, but more like creatures that are beyond our comprehension.

What are human morals to an Elder Thing who is a million years old? What is right and wrong to an alien intelligence like Azathoth?

So, when I'm envisioning the Necronomicon, its like a big dark Old Testament . . . . . . no, its not like the Old Testament, its the OLDEST Testament! Its one of the books that the Council of Nicaea chose to ignore when assembling The Bible.

IanC said...

FRont cover graphic is from the 'Simon' Necronomicon - the one in popular paperback, and the sign on the reverse is a Derleth-style Elder Sign. Some of the interior sigils *are* from Tyson's version.