Friday, March 11, 2011

The Faeriehunter Project

Over at El Dodo Albino (in Portuguese Spanish*), Tóbal has begun work on the Faeriehunter project, a multimedia presentation incorporating props and document recreations. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's participation in the Cottingley Fairies affair is a rich vein of material waiting to be mined. Personally, I find the little winged beasts terrifying, but that probably comes from an early exposure to Machen's "The Black Seal".

*I blame Google auto-translation. I've become so used to real time translation of web pages into English that I normally link to non-English pages without noting the language. My apologies.


Luiz Fernando Taddeo said...

Hi!!! I come to propnomicon 7 days a week, and i´m WAAAAAY past the time of leaving a comment...

First of all: CONGRATULATIONS for what you have here!!!

Your props are just awesome, and someday, i hope to have your carft skills!! And i´ll tell you... i´m GOOD with my hands!

But just a little note... the site above is in Espanish, not portuguese :P~

Tóbal said...

Hi man!
No apologizes needed! Both languages are very close ...and one of my ancestors was almost portuguese...hehe
Thanks for linking and contiue with this awesome blog , full of inspiration , interesting links and lovecraft horrors!

CoastConFan said...

Yeah, fairies. They are traditionally alien, at the least, as well inscrutable and amoral compared to human cultures. The Black Seal is a good reference story for them; no wonder HPL may have used the story as a source. As Allingham said:

Up the airy mountains
Down the rushy Glen,
We dare not go a-hunting
For fear of little men;

On a lighter note, I enjoy the images of Brain Froud in The Lady Cottington Pressed Fairy Book.