Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bottled Horrors

Tobal at the Spanish language "Dodo Albino" blog brings us some very nice bottled specimens. Nice being a relative term, of course. Shrill screaming would be the natural response if you found any of these things crawling across your skin.

Browse around the rest of his site and you'll find even more cool props.


Alex Kaeda said...

those are quite inspiring!

Tóbal said...

Hey man!!!
I didn´t notice you´ve linked me here...I´ve just started this blog to post my "things" .These are just tests , the first ones.
I hope to continue making creatures ... some "lovecraftians" and others not.
Anyway...thanks for linking and for inspiring me to begin with this "sculptures" from beyond...
PD:I started to read Lovecraft after discovering this blog , and I´m enjoying a lot with his stories!!!

Propnomicon said...

@ Alex Kaeda

Yes, the are. And the great thing about bottled specimens is that they take up relatively little room.

@ Tóbal

If those are just tests I can't wait to see more.

Mr. said...

You know, I have a mischievous streak that inspires me to create something like this and leave it somewhere in public to see if hilarity does, in fact, ensue.

Starbucks has been very quiet lately...