Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vintage French Adventure Gear

Kurt Hockenbury sent over a link to Agence Eureka, a French blog specializing in vintage ephemera. One feature of particular interest is a wonderful collection of scans from French outdoors catalogs from the classic era.

Most of the pages appear to be from a 1931 mailer filled with lanterns, tents, traveling trunks, goggles, bicycles, clothing, optics, and a veritable arsenal of firearms. One can only imagine the kind of mischief a typical investigator could cause with one of these massive duck guns:

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Anonymous said...

Hello Oakree !

Images are coming from the: "Catalogue des Manufactures de Saint Etienne", called also "Catalogue Manufrance", created in 1880 in the north of France and the equivalent of your Sears & Robuck catalogs. A lot of pictures can be found with the namings above through internet.

Manufrance (still existing)is reediting the 1910 catalog (1000 pages). Infos here >>>>