Friday, April 23, 2010

The Arkham Seal, Part Four

I have to stop fiddling with it sometime, so here's the final version of the Arkham town seal. At least for now. Click through for the high resolution version, sized at 1.5" at 300 DPI. I've left it intentionally grainy so it can be used as-is for a stamp. If you want to incorporate it into a document, increasing the contrast and shrinking it slightly will make it look like it came off a printing plate.

Update: Raven put together a handy comparison of the three different takes on the seal by himself, Andrew Leman, and myself. Scroll down to see it in Wednesday's post, or just click here. Seeing them side by side gives you a real chance to appreciate how much alike, yet very different they are. A veritable Neapolitan ice cream of Mythos miscellany! Heh.

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