Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Miskatonic Update

Due to unforeseen circumstances I'm running behind on getting the last batch of Miskatonic packages out. And by "unforeseen" I mean "anyone with half a brain should have been able to figure out they were only going to have an hour long window to get to the post office by looking at their schedule". This delay is totally my fault, and I once again apologize. The last of the packages should go out Friday.

Unfortunately, it looks like there aren't going to be any spare complete sets. I'll have about ten sets of the notebooks and postcards available, but I'm not going to worry about disposing of them until I get all the pledge orders taken care of. The last thing I need right now is more packages in need of mailing.


Sam B. said...

I just got my Miskatonic set today in the mail.

I have to say I am beyond pleased. I can't believe how good the quality of the stuff is.

I am also surprised by the felt pendent, it is HUGE! Often when I see pendants they tend to be smaller and not a full size 2.5 foot long one (measured vaguely using the field journal)

You said you were worried about the pendant getting a crease, and it does have a tiny one, but I think that I can easily fix that

The only question I have, how normally might the method of filling out the back of the Field Journal be done. It is dark and I am unsure if ink would show up against that. I am not too keen on scribbling on these awesome things to find out.

A million thanks for this! Well worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

Got my package. It's great. Thanks loads!