Friday, March 18, 2011

Key of Cthulhu

Nathan Maurer brings us this sterling silver Key of Cthulhu. The faceted drop point covered in runic inscriptions is a nice touch.


Thorrsman said...

You should see the bronze version that Nathan made for me first. Garnet eyes rather than no eyes. We disagreed on that detail.

From the unpublished short story "The Legacy of Cyrus Jones".

Thorrsman said...

"It sure was an odd little thing, beautifully made, yet grotesque in form. I have examined one many times since then, and know it well. There had been some slight differences among some of those things, but they were more alike than different.
About two inches long, made of solid, lustrous metal, it had something like an octopus resting on top of an irregular crystal shape, with a pair of bat-like wings closed up behind it, the clawed tips of the wings touching. On the crystal-shaped part were several oddly curved glyphs along with several tiny spheres. The entire thing was made of gold except for the eyes of the octopus, which showed a red glint in our helmet lights."