Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hail, Miskatonic

The Miskatonic felt pennants arrived yesterday, and as soon as I opened the box I knew all the aggravation, delays, and frustrations of this project were worth it. They're just awesome, and I say that as someone whose primary motivation for doing these projects is getting the kind of prop items I want.

The only quibble I have with the pennants is the placement of the seal. The template was marked for the felt strip on the end, but that's not where it is on the final product. Instead of taking up an inch on the broad end of the design it's actually an additional inch added to the base, but that's just a minor issue when compared to how well the rest of it came out.

I'll be packaging up the first batch of prop sets for mailing this afternoon. I'm using the same oversized mailers from the Arkham Sanitarium project, so I'll have to fold the pennants to fit inside the envelope. I'm hoping to avoid any major creases by wrapping the pennant around the plastic bag holding all the other items. That should keep a sharp fold from developing, and a quick pass with an iron on low heat should take care of any waves in the material.

If you pledged and didn't receive the Kickstarter request for mailing information I sent out yesterday please check your spam traps. I'll post off the packages in the order that pledges were made and emailing a shipping confirmation as soon as your package is on it's way.

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Leo Dias De Los Muertos said...

Its looks sweet,bro!!!
Lookin around for a cool place here on the lab for it.
Awesome work,as always.