Tuesday, September 2, 2014


You may have noticed posting has been a bit dodgy over the last week or so.   I've also been absolutely terrible about getting back to folks that have emailed me.   For that I sincerely apologize.   I've been working through some elder care issues and it's eating up a huge amount of my time. 

The only thing worse than getting old is watching your parents get old. 

Bob's Bits

Bob's Bits is a UK business that provides props and prop components for film and television.  Their website is filled with dozens of cool props kitbashed together from the hundreds of parts they have available.  I'll warn you ahead of time-  follow the link and you'll  find yourself wasting hours browsing the site.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Watson Pistol

CoastConFan has an interesting look at just what kind of revolver Dr. Watson carried during his adventures with Sherlock Holmes.

We find out in A Study in Scarlet, by Arthur Conan Doyle (written 1886, pub 1887) that Watson got his medical degree in 1878 and at some point afterward he joined the British army (rank unknown), at some time and then attached to the 66th Berkshire Regiment of Foot (no doubt in the capacity as doctor).  He was wounded during the 2nd Anglo-Afghan War at the Battle of Maiwand (27 July 1880).  Doyle may have also lumped in the catastrophic retreat to Kandahar into the action, but probably not the subsequent  Battle of Kandahar and relief itself.  Dr. Watson survived the battle and his wound, and he recuperated for a few months (presumably in India or possibly South Africa) before returning from overseas to London and leaving the army.  That would make it at least 1881 (with travel time added) or so that Watson meets Holmes in London, presuming they met fairly soon after his arrival. 

Speaking of Watson's gun, I'd love to see someone tackle is Dr. Watson's private file box from the opening of Billy Wilder's "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes". I'm afraid I don't have enough experience with vintage firearms to try and identify the gun he uses in the film.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Homestretch

The "Whispers from R'lyeh" Cthulhu Ouija board kickstarter is tantalizingly close to hitting it's goal. Remember, every person in communication with the Dark Powers moves us one step closer to that glorious day when the stars are right!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Taint of the Wolf

The latest bits for the Viking Mythos project veer into more traditional Norse culture.  The Úlfhednar were berserker warriors who embraced the spirit of the wolf, as opposed to the more traditional bear.  Historically, the transformation was assisted by donning pelts and body parts from wolves.

I want to take that idea and give it more of a Mythos spin.   These coyote teeth, stand-ins for the far more expensive wolf teeth, will be part of a ritual fetish.  I'm envisioning a pelt adorned with teeth and claws.  Tying that imagery back into the Mythos, I'm planning to put together the accoutrements for whipping up the Draught of Ubbo-Sathla.  That Elder God's protoplasmic, ever-shifting nature seems like a good match for the "truth" behind the Viking legends.

Friday, August 29, 2014

Leather Tome

Mille Cuirs brings us a grimoire from his personal collection.  This comes from back in the day, when he first started crafting tomes.   I've made a few tomes in my time and I'm still not close to being this good at it.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Witch's Jawbone

Fox Henderson returns to our pages with this curious artifact from the vaults of Bureau 51- a witch's jawbone.  Both the relic and its display case are outstanding.