Monday, September 11, 2023


One of the joys of the world we live in is how easy it is to see the work of like-minded folks from around the world.  The one drawback?  Translation technology isn't quite up to handling some niche cases.

I know this picture from WarhammerLARP is, well, from a Warhammer LARP event somewhere in eastern Europe.  I know it's gang of players in beautiful costumes manning a recreation of the Hellblaster volley gun from the miniatures game. Even more impressive than that, there appears to be a full sized Imperial war wagon peeking out of the background.

Beyond that, I could use some help.  The Instagram hashtag #вархаммер2023 leads to some amazing shots, but I can't quite pin down where the event happened.  That said, Euro Warhammer LARPs are mind blowing.

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Anonymous said...

Based on location tags from some other posts using that hashtag it looks to be in Russia at this location,