Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tabletop RPG Spell Scroll

Just a few more months, and a couple million vaccinations, and we can finally have face to face RPG sessions again!

When that blessed day arrives, this is what I'll be using as a prop spell scroll for first level spells.  I like the idea of scrolls as a kind of arcane circuit diagram, with scribed geometric figures controlling and channeling the arcane energy within energized sigils.  That's the "fire and forget" aspect.  The explanatory text is an description of the spell's mechanics suitable for transcription to a wizard's spellbook.

To use, just click through to the full sized image, download to your computer, and print on 8 1/2 by 11" paper, preferably a faux parchment.  For player reference I've included the text for "Magic Missile", but you can swap that out with whatever spell you want the scroll to represent.  It's usable as-is, but mounting it on a scroll rod will significantly improve the handout's immersiveness.  I've left an inch of empty space along the bottom to account for that. 

The text blocks are random passages from Julius Caesar's Latin commentaries on the Gallic Wars.  The font is Voidspiral Entertainment's Nakaryon's Gifts.



DaMacGuy said...

is there suppose to be a link to a word file or something? All I see is the image which I can save as a png, but then to edit it I'll need photoshop or something to wipe the English at the bottom for different spell text. :(

Propnomicon said...

@ DaMacGuy

Yes, you will need an image editor to edit the image.