Wednesday, January 27, 2021

ATMOM Update

 Raven provided me with a very kind reminder that I should probably update you on the status of the ATMOM project.

The good news is I've had everything in hand since mid-November.

The bad news is that I volunteered to be an election observer in the 2020 election.  Two, maybe three days of work, a nice per diem, doing my civic duty...what could possibly go wrong?

Well, everything.  My congressional district, NY-22, is currently the only federal election in the country that remains undecided.  Counting the ballots, and which ballots should actually be counted, is winding its way through the courts.  Unfortunately, everything has been on hold because there's still a chance I'll get called as a witness in either these proceedings, or the appeal, or the investigation into our local Board of Elections.
At this point I can't risk pulling the trigger on putting everything up for sale.   I take my integrity very seriously, and absolutely will not go forward if there's a chance I get called up and won't have the time to process orders in a timely fashion.  There have been too many horror stories about Lovecraftian fan projects imploding, and I don't want to put myself in the position of making excuses when someone emails me asking "Where's my stuff?"
I apologize for the delay, but I'd much rather push things back now than risk delaying things after you've given me money.
Update:  This isn't the place to discuss politics.  There are plenty of other venues for that.


Kugelblitz said...

Where would I buy one of these when it comes out?

Propnomicon said...

@ Kugelblitz

I'll have them available right here.

Alex Pearson said...

Hopefully it's all resolved soon

Stefan said...

Kudos! This is a great way of handling the kerfuffle.

Propnomicon said...

@ Alex Pearson

Sadly, there's a very real chance it's going to drag on for months. The final outcome may be decided by the House itself.

@ Stefan

Thank you. I'm a big believer in:

1. You give me money.

2. I give you swag.

The delay between step one and step two is what justifiably drives people into fiery rages.

Todd said...

And here I've been checking here daily (normally I'd probably visit once-twice per week) in fear that I might miss the sale announcement. LOL I will wait as long as it takes!

Raven said...

The politics appear to have resolved (Brindisi conceded, will not appeal). We now eagerly await....

Don Simpson said...

Any end of tunnel light on this project?