Monday, November 6, 2017

Elder Sign Coin

"WMN-109" brings us this nicely done Elder Sign coin.  Based on the striations around the sign itself I think it was 3D printed, molded, and then cast in metal.

Update:  As he points out in the comments, this piece is actually based on Zero Mostel's work.  Everything other than the Elder Sign star is copied from his Summon Azathoth circle on DeviantArt.


Koipond said...

Actually PLA plastic works great for investment casting with molten metal easily melting and replacing it.

Clint said...

Wow! My Artwork looks good in 3D.

Propnomicon said...

@Zero Mostel

Is this a copy of your work? If it is, I apologize. Just drop me a note so I can provide appropriate credit.

Clint said...

That's ok. As I have said On my Deviantart page, All my art is free for personal use. If he was making these things for profit I'd ask for a small fee to use my work. As it is, he used the outer portion of my Summon Azathoth Circle, The Inner portion is a standard Star Elder Sign I have seen elsewhere.
I Don't mind him using my work, I just want credit for it.As it is, if he wanted me to make him something Unique with him as the sole owner of the work, I'd charge him something like $20.
By the way, the the font is FFXAlBhed and the wording is "flow through spheres bordering the throne where the blind idiot dances"