Monday, June 13, 2016

The Long Legacy of Auguste Delagrange

The vampire Auguste Delagrange came into being back in 2010.  Since then he's taken on a life of his own.  Google his name and you'll find over 42,000 web pages where he's mentioned.  His latest appearance is in this surprisingly entertaining video from Night Terrors on YouTube.  They significantly embellish the basic story, assigning names and personalities to the originally unnamed priest and voodoo man, but it's a great take on the "legend".

My thanks to Shockspur_1976 for bringing the video to my attention.


Anonymous said...

Try the Google Search "Trends" to spot spikes in search term frequency:

ian macbrooke said...

Welcome sir, to your immortality. When an extraordinary individual creates on a level to inspire others, over 42,000 webpages, to such an extent, they truly have arrived. You have created an urban legend that has taken on a life of it's own, not unlike the Slenderman and Leroy Jenkins. I have heard reference of Auguste on rp boards from Lovecraft to White Wolf to Mind's Eye Theater as well. Take a well-deserved bow sir. Hip-hip Huzzah, Hip-hip Huzzah!