Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Miskatonic Alumni Package Update

The second batch of Alumni packages will be going out this afternoon and everything will be posted off by Friday.  I've been doing them in blocks of 25 to keep the very nice staff at my small town post office from losing their minds.  My sincere thanks for your patience.

I want to say again that this was a short run project, with an emphasis on the "short".   I've received a goodly number of emails from people irate that they didn't get a chance to buy a set.  For that I'm genuinely sorry.   

In an effort to fix the issues that have upset so many people I'm going in a new direction.  If things pan out future projects will be offered through Amazon.    They'll significantly streamline the sales and shipping process, including free Prime shipping.  That should make it easier to meet demand for both the complete package and individual items. 


MSAINT said...

Well congrats!
Hopefully the Amazon project/program will go through with a re-edition of all the patches and... Available shipping to foreign countries.
Best luck with all you endeavors and adventures!

Steve Dempsey said...

Thanks for thinking of us.

GoldenDay said...

Thanks again!

Matthew Vincent said...

Excellent news! Thank you!
I'm still intensely curious though:
How *was* it done before? Was there a secret website or eldritch ritual involved?