Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Special Delivery

The good news is that I arrived home this evening to discover the "Bookworm" Mythos Merit Badges had arrived. Here's what the original concept looked like.

And here's the actual patch. These are sized at the Boy Scout standard 1.5".

That means all the hard goods are now in and just need the postcards and such inserted for the final package.

Here's the bad news.  The "Bookworm" patches were supposed to arrive on Monday, so I'm running a little tighter on my schedule than I expected.  That's not a major issue, at least not yet, but I'm going to have less prep time than I'd planned on.  The bigger problem is that my order of Priority Mail packages is also running late and may not arrive until Friday.  I've cleaned out the local post offices so I can get a solid start on orders, but it's still cutting it a bit close for my tastes.

That said, it looks like I'll start taking orders on Saturday instead of Friday morning.   That will give me time to take some decent product shots and bundle up the first batch so they're ready to go once I print out address labels.  I'm a big believer in getting packages in the mail as fast as possible.


Christian Brandt-Hansen said...

I have every understanding for the issues with international mail, but it still pains me that I will be missing out on that sweet key chain.

Great work, sir!

Stefan said...

I believe the phrase I'm looking for goes something like; "I want this, I need this, shut up and take my money."

Slightly more serious; looks fantastic! Any chance you could ship to Sweden, and if so, how much could that (roughly) set me back?

Truly great work, man!