Wednesday, October 28, 2015

New Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition Photos Discovered

Is it possible a heretofore unknown stash of photographs from the ill-fated Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition exists? Marcos Saintout shares some intriguing news on the subject.
New update, today I just cached a new vibrant evidence regarding the 1930-1931 Antarctic expeditions with my cell phone in an office in the former "Club des Explorateurs" The picture was recovered by TAAF members in Buenos Aires 1947... Might be something to explore further considering the abundant and long exchanges between Miskatonic U and the Sorbonne...
In a way, this shouldn't come as any surprise.  Multiple researchers have said there's a surprising dearth of material from the expedition in the official archives at Miskatonic. 


CoastConFan said...

Nice job. The depth of focus on the aircraft marking matches the grain perfectly on the second photo. Isn't Photoshop wonderful? There's some excellent associated plug-ins for photo restorations and for antiquing around that takes out a lot of the pixel-by-pixel drudge work in the past.

Mr. Primate said...

Hey! Nice work, er I mean find!