Friday, January 31, 2014

The Atlantis Legacy

The Dark Door LARP group returns to our pages with a gallery of shots from their latest event, "The Atlantis Legacy".  The UK-based group has some of the highest production values I've ever seen in a live action game.


Unknown said...

This event too place within a disused Royal Air Force and UK Regional Government nuclear bunker called Kelvedon Hatch, in Essex, England.

The Kelvedon Hatch nuclear bunker was sold to the Parish family after the Cold War came to an end. The bunker was built on the Parish family farm in the 1950s and thus they were given the opportunity to buy it back off the Government in approximately 1995.

The bunker is now a museum, chock full of Cold War artefacts. The perspex nuclesr burst plotting display that can be seen in the third photograph, I believe that came from a nuclear bunker just down the road from me.

There is a similar Cold War artefacts museum in Cheshire, England, also housed in a former nuclear bunker called Hack Green.

CoastConFan said...

Being a relic of the Cold War myself, I can appreciate late 20th century LARPs taking place in haunted bunkers. It’s quite a paradigm shift from classic horror and weird tales set in moody ruins, ancestral castles and quaint ancient houses. . I’d like to see a comparable LARP take place in USS Alabama or other large WWII warship museum, which would lend atmosphere but yet have room for a cracking good game.

Unknown said...

Cool! Great LARP! I wish i played that one)

Wanna share some photos of our own LARP - not sure if you interested by Bioshock universe, but we had some nice crafts there)

Unknown said...
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