Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Morgan W. Loebel brings us these well done human teeth made from polymer clay.  Translucent Sculpey can produce some amazingly realistic looking teeth. 

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Markus said...

Those teeth look really very good, and it´s obvious why. It´s because Morgan actually looked how real teeth look like, and didn´t just make something what was meant to be teeth. For some reason a lot of people don´t really know how teeth really look, and it´s really not that easy to sculpt them. You have to have some knowledge about their morphology and the way in which teeth abrade. Some years ago I visited an art exhibition by Evan Penny. His hyperrealistical silicone sculptures or humans are really nearly as close to reality as possible, and there is a lot to learn from this models for prop-making. But the teeth of his models suck, they really do. Evan Penny must have spent a lot of time studying the surface of human skin or the pattern of body hair and colour schemes of eyes, but he missed to take a good look at teeth, what´s really sad. In some of his oversized sculptures the teeth are really pretty big, what makes mistakes much more obvious, at least if you are indeed familiar with teeth.