Monday, September 30, 2013

The Eye of Azathoth

The prolific Jason McKittrick brings us The Eye of Azathoth, a Mythos-themed ouija board.  It's a limited run piece that will only be available for a week.


CoastConFan said...

The 19th century saw a big surge in séances and spiritualism, thanks to the Romanic Movement and folks like the Fox sisters. Although the idea of “automatic writing” had been around a long time, the first patented Ouji board appeared circa 1890. The word “Ouji” was supposed to be the ancient Egyptian word for good luck. How did he know that? The Ouji board told him so -- classic ballyhoo. It was good luck for William Fuld who took over the enterprise early one and made a lot of money. As far as getting a communication from Azathoth or hacking his mind, you just might end up the following message: “sdpRfipk034kCajnqUkk8sHq1;iokjllXase, “ could expect less from the god of chaos? But then again anybody would go crazy hearing an off key rendition of “Three Blind Mice” for 6 billion years, played on a penny whistle by a host of millions.

The history of the board is worth a look

A history of modern (Victorian) spiritualism from the First Spiritualist Church

For a freebie, try the link to download History of Spiritualism Vol I by Arthur Conan Doyle.

Mystic Scholar said...

Combine this with one of the Easy Eyes and you're all set! LOL