Sunday, June 16, 2013

Vintage Egyptian Postage

Here's a classic era (1922) Egyptian postage stamp ideal for period correspondence.  Just print and trim to size with a perforating pattern cutter.


Naamah said...

VERY cool! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I had some sheets of stamps perforated by the Olathe Poste.

Heads up, for those who go this route: Print out your sheet of 'stamps' and draw lines along all the 'cut' marks. Those lines represent your perforations. If it looks like there's gonna be too much white space around the edges of the stamps, re-arrange them. Some of my stamps were spaced too far apart, and I've learned a very expensive lesson.

Let me tell you what got perfed and looks good: my Independent stamps, my Blue Sun stamps, my Allied Worlds Unified Postage stamps, and my Alliance tax stamps.

Here's the big kicker: The Olathe Poste charged me $3 a sheet. Not including postage back to me. So, be prepared to pay up to $3 per page if you go the Olathe Poste route.

The perforations themselves are reasonably well aligned (within a mm or 1.5 mm) and look great. Very authentic. If you want realistic perfs, short of modding a sewing machine, this is the way to do it. Double check your margins!

CoastConFan said...

You can find some outstanding high resolution images of historical stamps at philatelic sites with an image search by country and period.

Also, there is a wheel perforation cutter that looks a bit like a pizza cutter, which will make perforations for stamps. I think this company has one:

A little more industrial cutter: